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RPA and You


Recognizing Endeavors, and Taking Actions to Win in Life by Identifying, Pursuing, Working, and Walking Out Your Real Purpose

Real Purpose Apparel (TM), (RPA) is apparel created with humankind and creation in mind. We endeavor to see all realize their Real Purpose (RP) and all elements operate and used for its Real Purpose. Everything and Everybody have one (Real Purpose).


We may be in a different stage in our Real Purpose; we may sense that we have one but have yet to identify it, or we may be noticing that many elements in society have lost their Real Purpose.


Why RP Matters?

Real Purpose is the intended purpose.  As human beings, our full potential should equate to our life's purpose. It should be actualized each day.  However sometimes in life,

  • we find ourselves in the mundane;

  • we keep dreaming that we have more to offer to the world;

  • we can feel that we were created to have a greater impact on the days we awake too.


Therefore, Real Purpose Apparel was created to encourage humankind to go after our God-given Purpose every day. It is a reminder to help others find, to use things for their created use. 


Real Purpose Apparel serves to encourage us that we should work each day to realign, reclaim, and recall things back to their real purpose as if lives depend on it because truth is, lives do!

Apparel with one mission that accomplishes a dual message


Why Wear Real Purpose Apparel?

It's Apparel that's More than a Brand!

Why Wear Real Purpose? 


Real Purpose Apparel (TM) aims to serve a cause. It is our desire that the RP Brand will encourage a movement through everyday attire where we will become:

  • more socially responsible

  • more consistently aware that what we do with our lives matters not just to us but also to creation

  • more conscious of the generations behind us

We design apparel that you will want to live in to affirm and to inspire you to keep dreaming. However, dreaming is not enough. So, do not just dream do. 


RP Apparel is designed so that when we wear it or see it, it speaks and says to us: 

  • Recognize Endeavors,

  • Take Actions to Win in Life,

  • Identify and Pursue,

  • Work and Walk daily,

so that we will accomplish our

Real Purpose!


How RP Relates to You?

RP Apparel is created to challenge you to manifest and actualize your Real Purpose.


It is apparel to remind us to impact others so that they think about their Real Purpose too.


And, with every item you purchase and wear to help build the brand, you will be part of the RP Rock Nation and will be helping another person become inspired to think about and consider that they have an RP too.


So RP Rock Nation let's pursue so that others can live in a manner where they will Recognize their Real Purpose to be true. 



Encouraging all to go after your real 



 R    Realizing, Reaffirming, Reclaming, Realigning


 E            Endeavoring, Equipping, Expecting, Engaging

 A           Activating, Achieving, Actualizing, Acquiring 

 L             Launching, Living, Loving, Landing, Looking                                towards our Real Purpose


A world where what one envisions in their head, captivates their heart so much to the degree that they cannot live without pursuing and doing their Real Purpose.

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