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DO I /Recognize/ and Believe My Capacity

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

RBTD You have the Capacity!

Do you believe that I have the CAPACITY to do what I was created and born to DO?

There are those who do not think that I am able to hold and produce much.

They have limited what I have to offer in this life to a small soup bowl or a little cup.

They think that they know me and have me all sized up.

They see me one way; and they think that my current state is where I will stay.

Those people have limited my earth destiny.

Oh, wait a minute those people can only really matter if one of those people include me.

I am the only one who can truly limit my life and prevent me from becoming, embracing, revealing, unleashing and walking in my God Determine and Ordained (DO) destiny.

I was formed and fashioned by God, with Him I have the CAPACITY to BE who he created me to BE.



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