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Rise Above It: Download your copy today!

Rise Above It: Download your copy today!

SKU: 20220411

Do you wonder or ask the question, what does the future hold? Do you wear faith over fear apparel, yet you know that your life circumstances appear to demonstrate otherwise? Do you feel your inner self calling and trying to encourage and draw you to move in a fearful, yet divine direction? A direction where you know that your passion and purpose collide. An unknown that will move you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to move beyond being a part of the status quo? Are thoughts of a more fulfilled life of living and giving flooding your head and consuming your  heart?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, this easy to read, simple message book will be asking you to decide is it time for you to recognize every God given idea you have and Rise Above every circumstance that you encounter to  release the hidden you and fill the earth with your Determined and Ordained reason for being on earth. How? By Believing!

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