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Rise Above IT Ebook


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Do you feel like life has swallowed you, chewed you up and spit you out again and again.

Do you feel like you have more to offer life than what you currently are able to give because of past or present circumstances?

Do you feel like if only I had...

If only I could...

If only someone would...

Well, I have felt that way too. Many people do. However, what will become of us or our lives because of these feelings is based on who we Recognize, Believe, put our Trust in and what we Do when and after we have these feelings. We have the capacity to RISE when we not only pray and put our faith in God. We all have the capacity and We all have the capability to RISE when we listen, follow the instructions and take the actions to do what God commands us to Do. Maya Angelou put it like this in a poem, "And Still I Rise." We read it; we quote it; however, do we embrace it and do it? Who knows, your destined, determined and ordained purpose just might unfold each day when you start seeking His will to walk in it each day. Now that's Real Purpose, being excited to intentionally seek to do God's will each day!

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